The hair extensions market is huge, expecially in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Africa countries.
JC Hair Factory dropship program provides a convenient one-stop service, which allows everyone selling hair extensions very easy even if not enough money.
Are you interested in making extra income at home in your spare time?
Do you want to sell hair bundles without the cost of inventory?
Are you interested in starting a hair business with your own brand?
This amazing program is all you were looking for to start a hair business.
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Dropship Hair Extensions


Regist JC Hair Factory Store as a drop shipping member for hair business. There is no membership fee as this is free for you. Please remarks with dropship hair business and your company(or your personal) information details, as we would put your information as the sender on the air waybill.

JC Hair Factory promises that we would never put any our factory information on the packaging. The shipper would be only your information, including your company name and your name, your phone number, etc.


Once you get hair orders from your clients, then you make your clients order to our hair store and pay the orders. Our factory would prepare your orders and ship them to your clients directly.

We accept payment PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer.

For PayPal payment, as per PayPal policy, the shipping address should be same as your PayPal address.

Please make sure you have changed PayPal address to your client's shipping address before making the orders.


When you make the order, please do remarks with dropshiping order, and the shipper information and the final client's contact information. Please make order by order.

Note: the shipping cost would be US$25 per order for US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia clients.


We provide custom packaging service for drop shipping clients, i.e. custom bags(with your logo), warps and tags.
Please go to to order the custom packaging and send your logo artwork to our customer service:

If you need hair photos for your dropshipping website, please book our hair photography service here:

"JC hair factory is one of my go-to resource for hair supply. Not only I can order hair online, but also I can have my own hair bundle wraps, tags. Thanks for so many professional advice in running my website."

Mondona - London

"Hair is amazing and very affordable! When I first received the hair I washed I️t and got I️t made into a u/v part wig. The hair is soft and fluffy/airy. I️t also holds the curl. I will definitely be ordering again. Little to no shedding/tangling."

V. Savage - California

"If you want to start your hair business without inventory and money, I can say JC hair would be the best choice. I joined their dropshipping program in my third year of university, it's been one year already. Congratulation!"

Polina - Stockholm

"Made the hair into a wig and it is so beautiful! Had it for 3 months now and just had to update with the amazing quality of this hair! It is amazing. Barely any shedding, no tangling! Best hair. I would recommend highly!"

Dillon Carithers - Sweden

"Let's begin by saying that as a professional hairstylist, I am notably very hard to please when it comes to hair extensions. These extensions did not let me down. I have purchased this hair more than 10 times and I have not had one bad experience."

Youcantrustmeh - Birmingham

"When it comes to dropshipping hair extensions, a good supplier is everything. JC hair factory is a really great hair vendor for starting my hair business. They offer various helpful services to help me build up my business and my brand. "

Courtney Foley - New York