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What Is Single Donor Hair?

Posted By: Sam Comments: 0

What is the difference between single donor hair and raw donor hair? Single donor hair is a bundle of hair cut from only one donor. With the demand of raw hair it's become increasing difficult for larger hair business companies to provide a full bundle of single donor hair consistently. So, raw hair can also mean multiple donors as long as the hair is not processed in any chemical way.

The Difference Between Wholesale Hair And Dropshipping Hair.

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 1

There are so many ways to do hair business and make money in the market. When you start a hair business, your goal is to maximize profits while keeping management and procurement costs low. Two things are essential to your hair business. One is product quality, and the other is procurement cost. You can find the best hair vendors, but storage and inventory are completely different concepts.

Hair Grades | What Is 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A Grade Hair?

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

What is the Difference Between 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, and above? Many potential clients would ask us, "What grade is your hair?". Good question! If you want to order virgin hair from reliable hair vendors, you want to know whether it is good quality hair and whether your customers will like this hair. Before we grade the hair, let's see how it graded. To find the best quality hair at the most reasonable price, it is important to understand the hair grading.

The Ultimate Guide For Starting A Hair Extension Business!

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 1

With the booming hair extension industry, it is obvious why everyone is interested in starting a hair business. "Fortune" magazine cited about 5 billion US dollars in the market value of receiving and issuing! Due to the high demand for virgin hair products, sales and delivery is a very profitable business. If you start a hair extension business, you will create unlimited possibilities. If you are interested in starting your own hair business and don't know where to start, then you have come to the right place. Here is your guide to starting a hair business.

Brazilian Hair - Most Popular Hair Extensions For African American Women!

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Why is Brazilian hair so popular among African American Women? If you use hair extensions, then you have probably tried Brazilian hair. The quality, texture and wearing effect will never go wrong. In fact, our Brazilian hair has been our best-selling product for 3 consecutive years. Let's take a look at everything related to Brazilian hair!

Get Your Hair Branded With Private Label Logo Bonnets!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

Many people are troubled by how to protect their virgin hair while sleeping at night. Sometimes you may feel sorry for not protecting your beautiful hair. If you are a hair business owner and want to provide your customers with more targeted services, you can consider the opportunity to sell hair bonnets!

5 Content Marketing Ideas For Expanding Your Hair Business!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 1

Content marketing is extremely important for hair business because it builds tryst and traffic in a compounding way, which drives better and better results and value over time. So, the thing is you need to be super consistent and committed to your marketing strategy. So today I'm gonna talk about 5 tips on how you can do content marketing for your hair business.

How To Start A Hair Business For Less Than 100 Dollars!

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 1

So much has changed in the last year because of the COVID-19, we have to stay at home for quite a long time. A lot of people lose income. They want to make money at home but don't know how to do, more importantly, they have no capital how to start. So today, I will recommend a easy method to start a small business. Every African American Women love to wear it very much - human hair. Yes, today I'll guide on how to start a hair business for less than $100.

Creating The Right Newsletter For Expanding Your Hair Business!

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Maybe someone told you that there was no effect for hair business via email promotion nowadays. Now more and more companies are beginning to heavily market through social media channels, but why according to marketing Sherpa 72% of people prefer to receive promotional information via email while just 17% prefer social media. Anyway, email promotion is not dead.

5 Ways To Use Gift Cards To Build Your Customer Loyalty

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

We are talking about how to start a hair business recently, I'm sure you have got some experience of getting customers and orders, now we start to build your customer loyalty program. According to a study, there is about seven times cost to get a new customer than keep long-term relationship with a current one. A good way to build a relationship with your customers is a gift card. Dates show there are more than 60% of customers they want to buy again from the seals that send gifts card to them. When you send the right thing that your customer like, they will order from you all the time. So you can see gift cards have become more than ever right now, an essential for hair business to offer. It's a low-cost, or no-cost way for businesses to bump, seals, increase brand awareness, and encourage repeat business.

8 Post-sale Emails To Keep Your Customers For Lifetime

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

Although IM and social media become more and more popular in the hair business, email promotion is still very important today. Like my business, I usually communicate with my clients via WhatsApp and Instagram, it's very convenient to send pictures and videos to have my clients see the hair texture and length, but when I want to promote my virgin hair product or have something to inform my clients, I will choose E-mail.

Go To The Next Level For Your Hair Business With Biz Consulting!

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Imagine if you want to seal virgin hair, what is the important thing before starting a hair business? Open hair company? Create a brand? So you can see there are lots of questions for a business beginner. This make business consulting very important. But maybe some people still don’t know how to consult for a business, today let’s show some skills to make you go to the next level in your business with hair business consulting.

Top 10 Ways To Get Your First Hair Sales!

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Although virgin hair has a vast market, it’s not easy to start hair business and get the first sales. For my own part, it takes almost 2 months to got my first order when I started to seal human hair. I also used to doubt myself and consider if I’m not fit for business. But I keep to promote my brand then I get my first sales, and two sales... You offer the best quality hair extensions in all available textures and colors, then you need to promote your brand to let people know you are selling hair. We highly recommend you look through this blog, you can find top ten ways to get your first hair sales.

Get Your Virgin Hair From The Best Hair Vendors!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

I'm sure every black woman would be interested in this topic, getting your virgin hair from the best hair vendors. We start our virgin hair journey when we are teenagers, and would continue even for a lifetime. We always talk about virgin hair and mink lashes with sisters. We like virgin hair so much, but do you really know the quality of virgin hair.

Which Hairstyle Is Your Favourite: Rihanna’s Hair Evolution!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

Rihanna is the icon in musical with her endless dance hits and her edgy hairstyles. Let us take a look at Rihanna’s hairstyle evolution in today’s topic.

Different Coloring Techniques to Dye Your Hair Extensions

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Have no ideas how to change your hairstyle? Go for some fashionable colors! Don't know how to dye your hair extensions and what color to choose? Keep on reading and you will find out. There are so many methods and techniques about dye your hair extensions that you can use. Also, there are various colors are available for you to choose.

The Difference Between Hair Marketing, Advertising and Branding

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

What is the difference between hair marketing, advertising and branding. While we are talking about hair business, the hair marketing, advertising and branding, everybody know them but it is difficult to define their difference. The three things help you to expand your sales and obtain your customers. They are different but relevant to each other. Both advertising and branding are a part of the marketing process. It is very easy to reference one while meaning the other. In this article we are going to help you to understand the difinition of each components and find out the tip how to combine them to improve your hair business marketing.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting A Hair Business Partnership!

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 2

Research reports show that 80% of business partnerships end up failure. Establishing the right business partnership can not only bring huge profits, but also satisfy professionals, thus small business owners continue to enter partnerships despite this alarming number. There are some common mistakes to avoid before starting a hair business partnership, you'd better to read before you work with a trusty partner or two.

Quick Weave | How To Do A Quick Weave Step By Step

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

The Quick Weave is a Quick Way for Beautiful Hair We sometimes are wondering how those women always change their hairstyles in a short time, from short to long, from straight to curly, blonde to black and all look so great. In this article, we will tell you about these magic things done by the quick weave.

Why You Should Be Selling Hair Bundle Deals

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Selling more bundles of hair with hair bundle deals. Everyone visits the retailers or online hair store in looking for a "deal" in somehow. It's a common sales strategy in hair industry to make bundle deals with multiple lengths and textures. Not only in online stores, but also the retail hair stores will offer a discount on buying multiple bundles at once.

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