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Which Hairstyle Is Your Favourite: Rihanna’s Hair Evolution!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

Rihanna is the icon in musical with her endless dance hits and her edgy hairstyles. Let us take a look at Rihanna’s hairstyle evolution in today’s topic.

Different Coloring Techniques to Dye Your Hair Extensions

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Have no ideas how to change your hairstyle? Go for some fashionable colors! Don't know how to dye your hair extensions and what color to choose? Keep on reading and you will find out. There are so many methods and techniques about dye your hair extensions that you can use. Also, there are various colors are available for you to choose.

The Difference Between Hair Marketing, Advertising and Branding

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

What is the difference between hair marketing, advertising and branding. While we are talking about hair business, the hair marketing, advertising and branding, everybody know them but it is difficult to define their difference. The three things help you to expand your sales and obtain your customers. They are different but relevant to each other. Both advertising and branding are a part of the marketing process. It is very easy to reference one while meaning the other. In this article we are going to help you to understand the difinition of each components and find out the tip how to combine them to improve your hair business marketing.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting A Hair Business Partnership!

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 2

Research reports show that 80% of business partnerships end up failure. Establishing the right business partnership can not only bring huge profits, but also satisfy professionals, thus small business owners continue to enter partnerships despite this alarming number. There are some common mistakes to avoid before starting a hair business partnership, you'd better to read before you work with a trusty partner or two.

Quick Weave | How To Do A Quick Weave Step By Step

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

The Quick Weave is a Quick Way for Beautiful Hair We sometimes are wondering how those women always change their hairstyles in a short time, from short to long, from straight to curly, blonde to black and all look so great. In this article, we will tell you about these magic things done by the quick weave.

Why You Should Be Selling Hair Bundle Deals

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Selling more bundles of hair with hair bundle deals. Everyone visits the retailers or online hair store in looking for a "deal" in somehow. It's a common sales strategy in hair industry to make bundle deals with multiple lengths and textures. Not only in online stores, but also the retail hair stores will offer a discount on buying multiple bundles at once.

How to Change Blonde Hair to Black Hair

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

How to Change Blonde Hair to Black Hair Blondes Have More Fun, When you are natural black hair you might envy the blondes hair and want to change the black into blonde. In the same reason, those who have blonde hair would like to try black hair every moment. Women like changes! This article we will discuss somethings important to know before for those blondes who want to going from blonde hair to black hair.

What's The Difference Between Closure, Frontal And 360 Frontals

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

What’s the Difference? More and more women lately showed on Instagram and YouTube wear extensions like sew-ins with long thick and natural look. You might confuse about the extensions like closure, frontals, 360 frontals, let’s keep reading to find out the difference.

6 Different Methods To Install Your Hair Extensions

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

I believe that most of you are using your typical glue and sew-in methods to install your extensions because they are the most popular. However, there are tons of methods that you can’t image and some are very easy to do by yourself. I will pick up six different ways to install the hair extensions which you could choose some to try which are suitable for you.

8 Things You Need Know About Selling Hair Extensions Online

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Shopping online is to stay especially in hair business in 21st century! With the growth of online hair business, beauty supply stores are slowly but surely raising the prices to stay open, which is prompting us to turn more to online hair companies. In addition, online hair business offers unlimited selection of hair types and textures.

How to Blend Clip In Hair Extensions For A Nice Hairstyle!

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

The Ease and Commitment-free Life of Clip-in Extensions. If you ready to change your hairstyle, or just want to add volume, length, but don’t want to be a sew-in or a quick weave looking, then a clip-in extensions are the best option. Clip-in, as the name suggests, you are able to clip the extensions in and remove them out as you wish and you don’t have to cut the threads or getting rid of the glue out of your hair.

Trendy Back To School Hairstyles Tips 2019

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

Time to back school again. Though it’s still hot outside, but summer fun is over. Within a few weeks ,students across the country will return to school. We travelled and chatted with friends. We tried lemonade braids and some protective-clothes. But back to school doesn’t mean end of all those fun and freedom. Put your head in the book, enjoy your hair in the trend. Arrange your hairstyle with your planner, you can be the star all time.

How to Choose Your Hair Brand Packaging

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

When you look at the others what’s the first thing that you see? It may be the hair, the make up if they’re wearing any, the clothes and the shoes. We call all of these as "the first impression". People will judge you by the first impression before they're getting know more about you, your character or your personality. For the same reason, your product packaging is the first impression to your customers before they open and using it. It’s as much important to use a propriety product packaging as your actual product.

How To Get The Right Traffic To Your Online Hair Store

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

If you have created a beautiful online hair store or hair extension websites, and you are carrying virgin hair, human hair bundles, human hair wigs that you know people will love. You are waiting for customers and sales, but the only problem is no one is coming to your hair store. Why is that? There could be several reasons but one of them is probably because you are not doing a good enough job of actively driving traffic to your hair websites. Next, I'm going to share with you seven tips to drive traffic to your online hair store. After you guys read this post, you guys will be on your way to getting more traffic that you expect.

How To Wash Your Natural Hair Properly?

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

As a black woman, we care a lot about hair extensions. We would like to spend our hard earn money on the best quality Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair or luxurious human hair wigs. However, have you ever notice that sometimes you don't pay enough attention to your natural hair? Do you know how to wash your hair properly?

10 Amazing Ways To Use The Hair Conditioner - Must Learn

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

I know I'm not the only person that has conditioner just sitting around in their cabinet that is not even suitable for co-washing. I have some very creative and rather unique ways to use your hair conditioner if you ever purchased a hair conditioner and you got it home you used if you didn't like it for whatever reason.

Quick Weave: Top Reasons Why I Love Wearing Quick Weave

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

I Love Quick Weave! Every time I feel tired of spending boring and tedious hours sitting in the salon, waiting for my hair extensions and hair bundles installed, I would turn to a quick weave. Yes, I am a big fan of quick weaves. It is a great alternative for sew in hair. I want more people can understand it has been the hair extensions method ever without damaging your natural hair!

Wearing Human Hair Weave Helps Your Hair Growth

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

I feel like wearing human hair weaves get such a bad rap for being bad for your natural hair, but it is just not true. It is one of the best protective hairstyles to help grow your natural hair out. Weaves Do Help Hair Growth The first thing first is that weaves are one of the best ways to transition and to grow out your hair whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair. For a lot of women and men who are trying to grow their hair out would like to wear weaves. Wearing weaves is one of the best ways to actually achieve length that you would like and stop your hair from experiencing any damage because this is a low manipulation hairstyle. A low manipulation hairstyle is a hairstyle that can be created and maintained for a long period of time without having to detangle and comb through your hair and actually manipulate your hair to do so.

How To Fix My Dry Damaged Hair Extensions

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

We all shared the same experience that we were so excited to get our new hair weave installed and they have been holding up fine for a while, but after several weeks, we are noticing that our hair extensions are becoming very dry and dull. Are you going to throw these bundles away and buy new hair? No, no no. Hair extensions are an investment and we need to make them last us as long as possible. There are some tips on how to keep your hair healthy shiny and moisturize.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Business

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 3

2019 is right around the corner. I know a lot of you are busy trying to plan your hair business. It has never been an easy thing to start a hair business. No one will teach you how to get your hair business off the ground and running a hair business step by step.

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