5 Content Marketing Ideas For Expanding Your Hair Business!
11 Jan

5 Content Marketing Ideas For Expanding Your Hair Business!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues

Content marketing is extremely important for hair business because it builds tryst and traffic in a compounding way, which drives better and better results and value over time. So, the thing is you need to be super consistent and committed to your marketing strategy. So today I'm gonna talk about 5 tips on how you can do content marketing for your hair business.


1. Using Podcast

One of the things that a lot of people don't realize is how powerful podcasting is. Right now, there are several podcast across multiple industry verticals that are doing tremendous. It's not just a matter of downloads and listens, these podcasts are actually helping people grow their hair businesses and there's a reason for it. Using podcast means that someone doesn't have to sit there and watch a video actively or read an article actively. It means that they can just listen while they are at work, or on a flight, or on a commute, or in the gym. People also retain things that they hear, especially if there aren't other distractions. So, I think that there's a real value in podcasting, and I know a lot of people who've done it and grown successful hair business from it, or advanced their speaking careers, most importantly, sell virgin hair. It's very easy thing to do compared to producing video content because you don't have to worry about showing your face, your performance.

2. Making Video

Although making video is relatively complex by comparison and podcasting might be a more appropriate platform for a lot of you than creating video content, however, video content is very popular right now for a very good reason. It's because video content is very impactful. It's very easy to make an emotional connection with somebody that you watch on video, and there's an added level of credibility if you are putting your real face out there, so I wouldn't see shy away from video in favor of podcast. I would say it's a matter of comfort level. If you are someone who articulates and speaks very well, but is a little bit camera shy, you can jut show hair bundles or Brazilian hair you sell. And you can test it can be dyed, or straighten. And it's better if you won't fell shy, you can show how the human hair wigs beautiful by yourself, then the viewers are more willing to buy. And according to my experience with Instagram, most of people prefer tutorial videos.

3. Writing Blog

Blogging is something that people are underestimating and they fell it's gone out of style. It takes effort to do good writing. I would make the argument that you could always record In your iPhone or your Android and then write  based on the notes, If you fell you can just articulate your point of view better that way, but don't want to produce a podcast. That's something I've done, and I continue to do for articles I write. If you don't know what content you need to write, just refer to other online hair store or hair vendors, and there are also professional hair blog website. Besides, there are also professional writer on the website you can pay salary to have them write for you then make sure you can update your blogs regularly.

The real powerful thing about blog content and articles is the power of the Google search engine and the opportunity to find that. Also, whether you are doing audio or video or written blogs, this is giving you content that you can market and distribute in various social media platforms. It means that you can take this thing and it can be post in Linked In or Medium, or on Facebook, or in Twitter, so I would definitely consider taking advantage of that. The written world is still as powerful as ever, maybe even more. So it's a great opportunity for you to be discovered in the Goodle search engine.

4. Graphics and Photography

My forth strategy for content marketing is don’t underestimate the power of strong visuals in terms of graphics and photography. It’s not just about posting something to Instagram. I’d make the argument that Pinterest and Linked In are great platforms, and even Facebook, are great platforms for things like infographics, or even for presentations. And with Adobe Spark, you can actually do, take images and infographics, and actually convert them into an interesting video and that’s all free. So I would look at things that you can do creatively with these visuals and not just post up a photo with a caption, but looking at things like infographics, looking at ways of posting interesting statistics cards that are valid for your industry are a good way to build your authority. Instead of just publishing a white paper, why not take that same information and date, and make it visually interesting, and appealing to people.


5. E-mail

It’s very attractive for marketers to pitch the value of an email list, but very few people actually give you real tactics and strategies for effectively contributing to your email list subscribers once you’ve grown that list. We’re all about the moneys and the list. What is the real value that you can deliver in these emails that you’re sending out week after week, or in some case, you’re sending them daily? And I think a lot of people are just abusing their email list and they’re not providing any real value, that is exclusive to that list. I think doing things like private videos, that only go out to people in the email list, I think that there’s a value in that. 

For our hair business, I think sending beautiful photos, good feedback, and offer special discounts, that's cool. But I would say putting some useful information, and some resources that your email list can get is a really great way to keep people on your list. Like you can put hair care tips, new trends about hair fashion, etc. JC Hair Factory is one of the best wholesale hair vendors in China for more than 18 years. We offer best quality wholesale virgin hair to hair salon, hair distributors and hair retailers, etc. If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome!


All in all, the most important thing is deliver value content to your customers, not just looks like you only sell hair to them, then you can get the quintessence of content marketing.

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