Why You Should Be Selling Hair Bundle Deals
12 May

Why You Should Be Selling Hair Bundle Deals

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson

Everyone visits the retailers or online hair store in looking for a "deal" in somehow.

It's a common sales strategy in hair industry to make hair bundle deals with multiple lengths and textures. Not only in online stores, but also the retail hair store will offer a discount on buying multiple bundles at once.

Let's discuss and find out how to offer and price bundles of hair for your store!

What is a bundle of hair?

Before we start the discussion of prices, let's first clarify what is a bundle of hair?

A common define of "bundle of hair" means a single piece of human hair weave. The standard weight of each bundle is 3.5 oz or 100 grams. The lengths range from 8" - 30" long for common hair bundles, sometimes we have even seen 40" length wear by some celebrities. The original materials are Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and Malaysian hair, Chinese hair and more.

We call a dark brown/black color as a 1B, most of the bundles are in 1B color. There are also some lighter shades color as browns, reds, and Blonde.

The numbers are more than or equal to 3 bundles can be called Bundle Deals. Let’s keep on reading and find out what are bundle deals and how to price your hair bundle deals for sale.

Popular Bundle Deal Packages

There are a lot of options for hair bundle deals. The most common packages are group three hair bundles together within increasing lengths.

We will use the most popular Brazilian bundle deals as an offer example for you to understand.

For example:

Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles

12″/14″/16″ = $$$

·     14″/16″/18″ = $$$

·     16″/18″/20″ = $$$

I think you get the idea!

There are some stores also have the offer for closure bundle deals. I will not say this is a bad idea, but since closure contains more technical content it could be provided as an up-sell offer option in your store.

Let's have a look how much is a single bundle of hair when sold at the retail price and how to calculate the bundle deal price with a discount to attract the client to buy.


Average Retail Prices Brazilian Body Wave Bundles

14″ – $60
16″ – $65
18″ – $70
20″ – $75
22″ – $80

If you buy three different lengths in16″/18″/20″ Brazilian body wave hair individually, the total retail price would be $207. Then you can offer $5 less if buy these three lengths hair as a bundle deal, so the price becomes $202. The pricing is just a suggestion. The actual price to be set will depend on your sales and profits.

Initial Price Shock Value

Now you may need some useful strategy of pricing bundles. We will work out together below, don’t worry.

You must keep in mind that the first price on a product page can be a big impact to the visitor.

A lower initial price might attract the client to go on clicking and find something further.

So how to set the price for bundle deals?

We have a price example above about three bundles. However not everyone needs three bundles deal, which is depended on their desire hair styles, their budget even their mood. If they want two bundles in the length 10"-12" for a short bob hairstyle, what can you offer to them?

Pricing Strategy

Surely, we could offer two bundles of hair deal in the same page of three bundles so the initial price on the page will be two bundles which is lower than three bundles.

Example as below, The two bundle of hair for 10"/10" is much lower than three bundles deal.

It doesn’t difficult to image that a client would be enticed by a price of a bundle deal for only $109.99 instead of $184.99. Whatever they initial needs are and what they finally buy, they were kept left by the price, right?

This is a pricing strategy you could take into account when selling multiple bundles of hair.

Bundle Deals on Our Site

Since we are one of professional factory based wholesale hair vendors and no mid-agencies, our price is factory price already which are much lower than retail, there is no big additional discount on bundles deals. Our various bundle deals are convenient shopping on our site. If you want to start a hair business with big volume purchases, you could contact with us for discounts.

What about Four Bundles of Hair?

There are two or three bundles deal, how about four bundles deal? I will say it’s a good idea.

Normally a sew-in with bundles over 24” in length most likely require found bundles.

Sure! As you know, a sew-in with bundles over 24″ in length with most likely require four bundles. Offering this option could increase your sales.

Create Your Bundle Deals Price List!

Now that you have all your bundle deal pricing calculated it’s time to start making a price list.

Program Canva is a good assistant to help design all sorts of marketing materials and make your bundle deals price list easy and clear. Have a try.

Are You Selling Bundle Deals?

JC Hair Factory has supplied a lot of clients with wholesale Brazilian hair and clearly know what is working in the retail market. For sure bundle deals work well! If you have some interesting with the business please just contact with us with further discussion. Any comments are forever welcome below or personal contact!

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