How To Start A Hair Business For Less Than 100 Dollars!
04 Jan

How To Start A Hair Business For Less Than 100 Dollars!

Posted By: Marcella Whyte
So much has changed in the last year because of the COVID-19, we have to stay at home for quite a long time. A lot of people lose income. They want to make money at home but don't know how to do, more importantly, they have no capital how to start. So today, I will recommend a easy method to start a small business. Every African American Women love to wear it very much - human hair. Yes, today I'll guide on how to start a hair business for less than $100.

Even though we wear human hair or human hair wigs everyday, most of people don't know more about the hair extensions industry. Like at the beginning I always ask my hair vendors you sell Brazilian hair or Indian hair. Most of people were to buy hair at the salon or beauty supply, but with the development of the internet, more and more beauties prefer to buy hair on line. Especially for the last year, lots of salon and beauty supply has been locking for a long time, people who need hair have to order at online hair store. So it's a great opportunity for you to start a hair business.

Usually there are two type hair business commercial form: wholesale hair and dropship hair. But as we all know, wholesale need a lot of start-up money, what most of people can't afford. So today let's focus on dropship hair. If you search dropship hair extensions on Google, you can see many hair vendors work with this program, and different website have different cooperate form. The following I'll introduce the hair company I work with - JC Hair Factory, and also include why I choose them and some experience with them.

The first is hair quality,
At the beginning, I contacted with about 4 hair suppliers and asked lots of question, like the hair quality, hair type, etc. And I compared their answer to judge who fake me, it's not a easy work. Like I asked what grade hair they sell. One said 7A and 8A, another one told me they sell 10A and 12A, sounds like 12A is the best quality, right? Then I requested price, the strange thing is 12A cheap than 8A, I’m very confused. At this time JC Hair service team tell me their is no what "A" in the hair market, that's just hair suppliers want to battle with others, at first just 5A 6A, now they said 10A 12A! So we can't judge the hair quality according to the "A". We only need to find 100% virgin hair, because some of the hair supplies will mix synthetic hair or animal hair, what's cost is cheap a lot than human hair.

Secondly, service, or we can say cooperate form.
Except the quality, what JC Hair Factory really attract me is their service. They allow me use my own brand. When I hold a manner to purchase their monthly service, they contacted me to send my logo, and sent the hair pictures for me to start my business, then they create hair tags and wraps for my brand, I love them so much, very professional. They told me they would pack my orders with my tags and wraps on, that's what most of hair vendors can't provide. Besides, they offer separate wholesale prices for dropship members, which others sell to dropship customers same price with normal customers.

And the shipping, they ship the hair to my customers directly. I have placed about 150 orders on their website per month, they never ship the hair with their own name, so I can do business with my customers and JC Hair Factory all time, rather than my customers will know JC Hair Factory and purchase hair from them directly.

The finally is after sale service,
If you know dropship business before, you would know the big problem was the returning. Sometimes customers don't satisfied with the hair and have to return, they also accept, it's protect my interests, instead of leave a useless inventory that I can't sell it to others.

I spent $19.9 on JC Hair Factory per month, then I can earn more than 10 $19.9 via cooperate with them. At the first I just promote my business on Facebook, Instagram, and now I'm creating my own hair website. I'm sure I will make much money through working with JC Hair Factory!

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