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7 Important Things Nobody Tells You About Coloring Your Hair

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

Coloring hair can be fun. However, it can also damage your hair and bring you problems like hair breakage. I know a lot of you who have either started your transitioning journey or just finishing it up are really excited about your new natural hair. But you want to make sure that when you do switch it up, you don’t ruin or damage any of the progress that you have made because you know how long that took and how much dedication that took.

How To Straighten Curly Hair Extensions Without Damage

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

How to straighten curly hair extensions without damage. Usually, I will keep my sew in weave for 2 to 3 months. It is really boring and tired to wear the same hairstyle in such a long period of time. If I am having a Brazilian straight hairstyle, I like to style the hair by adding a little wave and curls to it without worrying about heat damage. There are plenty of heat-less methods to get straight hair curly like braiding them up, using flexi rods etc. It returns back to straight after a wash.

Everything You Need To Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

How many times did you make the same wish, hoping to have beautiful long hair after waking up in the morning? I can say more than a thousand times. Now, tape in hair extensions makes your dream come true. It is most requested hair extensions in the salon since the application and the removal is extremely short and there is little to no damage to your natural hair. It sounds really tempting. No women can refuse tape in extensions once they try them out.

How To Style Your Weave Overnight

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Who doesn't like waking up with a perfect hairstyle, then you can enjoy your day in a good mood? Anyone who ever had hair bundles installed knows that unlike lace front wigs and full lace wigs, it is impossible to take out your sew in hair, put them aside to make the hairstyle stay looking good overnight.

Hot Oil Treatments Can Bring Your Hair Back To Life

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

Hot oil treatments are probably the most important elements within your hair care regimen because there is nothing like having good oil treatments within your regimen that you can rely on to bring your hair back to life. I want to talk with your guys about how amazing hot oil treatments are the benefits and how you can make DIY one at home. Besides, you can practice the same method to maintain your Brazilian hair, human hair wigs and any type of human hair extensions, which do enable a healthier state and a longer lifespan.

Do Sew In Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair?

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

We know that sew in hair extensions have been a popular protective hairstyle for a long time. There is no doubt that black women love to sew in as it can achieve the most natural look with virgin hair. And they like to wear different hairstyles. But several months ago, I watched a hot Youtube video, in which a lady shared her bad experience with sew in hair and how weaves severely damaged her hair. Yes, it is a horrible story. You start thinking about do sew in hair extensions damage your natural hair, will it stop your natural hair grow out or will it lead to the natural hair loss? It is something serious.

The Difference Between Dropship Hair And Wholesale Hair

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 8

If you're someone out there who's thinking about starting an online hair store or want to start selling hair extensions online but you're not sure whether to wholesale hair or to look into dropship hair, please make sure you are 100% concentrated on what we are going to talk about next. Wholesale hair and dropship hair are two completely different ways of sourcing products. What is the difference between them? Which will maximize your profits? Which is less risk? You should work on a clear plan before starting out.

6 Tips How To Make Your Weave Last Longer

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Now, ladies! We all know that the real virgin hair is not cheap and when you spend your hard-earned money on some luxurious hair bundles, you want to make the most out it and make it last for the full duration of its possible life. I know a lot of ladies are struggling with how long their weave hair last, maybe in only 2-3 months or 3-4 weeks after installation, you have to take it out. It is disappointing. Do you know some of your habits can really bring damage to your weave? Do you know if you treat the human hair weave in the right way, you can increase their lifespan? It could make a huge difference if you take good care of them.

Hair Vendors List | Find The Best Hair Suppliers & Vendors

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

Most of you who decide to get into this billion industry are so pumped and eager to start a hair business as soon as possible at the beginning. At this point, you would like to believe in everything saying it would make your hair business and your hair brand off the ground. You may have seen people talking about their favorite hair vendors on YouTube. You may have seen hair vendors list are for sale on Instagram. If you do a Google search on how to find a good hair vendor, you may also have seen people selling hair vendor list online or on their personal websites.

8 Things About How To Color Your Hair At Home

Posted By: Julie Morris Comments: 0

Before we go ahead with the topic, let us ask you a question: Which is your favorite color? Blonde, pink, purple or the other colors? If it for clothes or bags, you could choose many colors to suit yourself. But today we are going to talk about hair color. Before you dye hair, no matter your own hair or your hair extensions, maybe you have learned more about it, but do your friend or stylist tell you all the things? Let's moving the sight to see 8 things about how to color your hair at home.

6 Tips on How to Run A Hair Business on A Budget

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

Today society is full of opportunities and challenges. We would need to seize opportunities and meet challenges, then we can get what we want, and making money as well. As we all know the hair market is huge, especially USA, Canada, UK, France, Africa market. With the development of the economy, more and more women are willing to spend more money on their beauty and fashion, so more and more people would like to start a hair business. And when starting a hair business, there are lots of things need to be considered, the first is capital. Maybe you have no much money at the beginning, today I would share 6 tips on how to run a hair business on a budget.

Why Lace Front Wigs Are So Popular Among Black Women

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

I don't know if you have noticed this phenomenon, if you input lace front wigs in the Google search, one of the Google extensions named "Keywords Everywhere" would tell you there is 210,000 search volume per month for this word, far beyond the other hair products like hair bundles, full lace wigs, human hair extensions and only next to the head hair products family hair extensions.

Best Hair Care Products For Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Every woman who loves curly style should know that kinky curly hair is one of the difficult hair styles for hair care. But anyway we must recognize that kinky curly hair extensions are becoming more and more popular. If you are wild about traveling Instagram to search pictures for hair extensions, I'm sure you will see lots of kinky curly style, particularly short kinky curly like shoulder-length. According to the statistics with our website, more ladies like full volume hair, so they would like to buy 3 or 4 hair bundles with lace frontal to make lace front wigs. On the other hand, kinky curly looks more full than straight hair extensions, so buy kinky curly human hair wigs also very common.

Top 5 Reasons Why Hair Extensions Are So Expensive

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Buying hair extensions is the thing that every lady may have to do. It said dark skin women buy hair extensions just like buy a new dress. Someone buy synthetic hair extensions, but more people love human hair extensions. Let's focus on human hair extensions today. Can you remember how much you have spent on your hair extensions? Maybe you have complained the hair extensions are so expensive, and there also some ladies can't afford the price. So why the hair extensions are so expensive? Let's have a look and study the reasons.

10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Tape In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

Comparing with human hair bundles and human hair wigs, tape in hair extensions is new member of hair extensions family. Wearing tape in hair extensions is a good way to change your hair’s length, style and volume. No matter what kind of hair extensions you want to buy, I think you may have lots of questions to ask your hair vendors to ensure you will get good quality and suitable hair for yourself, so tape in hair extensions as well. Now let's discuss the 10 questions to ask before you buy tape in hair extensions to help you find lovely hair for your new face.

5 Things You May Do That Is Damaging Your Wigs Life

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues Comments: 0

Wigs are playing a more and more important role in our daily life and a natural beautiful wig can make every woman look charming. Human hair wigs and human hair extensions are two good choices if you want to make yourself look different without having a lasting changing your hair. But if you don't take care of your wigs properly, no matter they are lace front wigs, full lace wigs or 360 lace frontal wigs, it will make you look embarrassed. So the maintenance and care of the wig also very important. Today I will share some misconceptions about the hair care and maintenance. Maybe you are doing that's damaging your wig's life.

How To Choose The Right Hair Extensions Style For You

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

Human hair extensions have taken up some part of international business day by day. There are so many different types of hair extensions have emerged on the market, and different types of hairstyle as well. Fashionable women are surprised by these hairstyle changed, but they also spend much time on which hair style is the best. Then how to choose the right hair extensions style for you?

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Hair Business to The Next Level

Posted By: Marcella Whyte Comments: 0

It is easy for you to start a hair business, but it's difficult for you to promote your hair extension business to the next level. It has many factors to influent your hair business, including the cost and invisible cost and so on. If you have established a hair company, you need to make the company getting better and better. The following top 10 hair business tips we share with you to make your hair business to the next level!

How To Color Hair Extensions Naturally

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

When we received our natural color hair extensions, it’s good and amazing. If you just wear natural hair extensions for a long time, you must be want to change your hair extensions color or style. Yes, most girls do that. Different hair colors and different hairstyles, which make us look more attractive and exciting. Could you imagine how you are charming when you change a new color? Trust me you must be Excited. So today I will share with you how to color our hair extensions naturally. Let's do it!

Top 5 Lace Frontal Repair Hacks

Posted By: Karalyn Johnson Comments: 0

What should you do if your lace front wig look mess up or come out other problems that make the wig look strange? Keep it down? No, the "ill" wig looks deformed, you worry about being laughed from others. Throw away? No, you have spent lots of money and time to choose human hair bundles and lace frontal that you like, then install to your head, you can't bear them. Or maybe you have to put it in your wardrobe, don't want to wear again but were not willing to throw it away. In China, people will dub it "chicken ribs" - tasteless when eaten but a pity to throw away. Now don't go away, you came across me! The most important part on your lace front wig is lace frontal, so focus your attention on the lace frontal, you can give your wig new life! Now learn the top 5 lace frontal hacks, then you will success to bring your lace front wig back to life!

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