Get Your Virgin Hair From The Best Hair Vendors!
12 Oct

Get Your Virgin Hair From The Best Hair Vendors!

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues
I'm sure every black woman would be interested in this topic, getting your virgin hair from the best hair vendors. We start our mink lashes journey when we are teenagers, and would continue even for a lifetime. We always talk about virgin hair and mink lashes with sisters. We like virgin hair so much, but do you really know the quality of virgin hair.

When women start to try for their first weaving, they almost don't know there are synthetic hair and virgin hair on the market, not to mention the difference between synthetic hair and virgin hair. You should know what you wear on your head before you choose the hair.

Before we start this topic, let me ask a question: what is the most important thing you mind when choosing your new looking? Quality? Price? Brand? Or any other things?

Firstly you need to make sure the hairs you are going to buy is 100% virgin hair. Now benefit from the development of electronic commerce, we can buy our hair very conveniently. You may find that the price also cheap a lot with the same quality you get from your local beauty salon.

Many women would ask the grade for virgin hair. But this may be the best question for virgin hair suppliers, they would be happy with your question, because it means you are not professional with virgin hair. They would tell you they sell grade 10A, 11A, 12A, even higher grade hair.

But the most important thing is: there is no standard of the hair grade. The suppliers can call their hair whatever hair grade they want, such as 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, even 11A. 12A. 8 years ago, 5A is top quality, then 6A is top quality, then 7A, 8A, 9A, 10, and right now some suppliers they call their hair grade as 11A, 12A. This is because so many clients ask the suppliers the same question why the higher grade hair prices from other suppliers are lower than your lower grade hair.

So what should you focus on to judge the quality of the virgin hair you bought?

Although almost all the hairs have shedding when comb, but it only shed when the hair just comes to you, and with little shedding in the future. If your virgin hair still shedding a lot after a few days, then you can delete the supplier from your contact.

This point is not against straight hair and wavy hair, just for girls who like kinky and curly hair, you are supposed to use wide-tooth comb to protect your hair.

Do you know some companies will mix synthetic hair even human hair to the hair extensions but tell you they are 100% virgin hair? 

Some women maybe know, but they still choose hair from the trash companies. I once saw a review under a YouTube influencer's video, she said she knew the hair from the company that the influencer recommended on the video is not good, but she still order hair from that company, because it’s cheap, she can throw it after 1 month and don’t care the money. But I really want to ask does she know low quality hair would cause some issues like damage own hair? That's why we emphasize you need to choose the right hair company.

Beauty Salon and Boutique
It is better to choose a store that only sale virgin hair, these store owners usually have a high pursuit of quality, they have a strict quality control standard with quality, and won't seal remy hair and mixed hair.

JC Hair Factory
I can't hesitate to say JC Hair Factory is one of the best wholesale hair vendors I have ever cooperated with. They always sell quality virgin hair with many types and styles, and they also provide very good customer service. Besides this, black women can also order mink lashes from their company or other best wholesale mink lashes vendors in China. It is very convenient for you to order hair and lashes online. All in all, enjoy your hair journey.

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