8 Post-sale Emails To Keep Your Customers For Lifetime
06 Nov

8 Post-sale Emails To Keep Your Customers For Lifetime

Posted By: Julie Morris
Although IM and social media become more and more popular in the hair business, email promotion is still very important today. Like my business, I usually communicate with my clients via WhatsApp and Instagram, it's very convenient to send pictures and videos to have my clients see the hair texture and length, but when I want to promote my virgin hair product or have something to inform my clients, I will choose E-mail.

Now if you're like most marketers, you are always on the lookout for methods to acquire new customers and increase revenue without busting your budget, but when doing that, you risk overlooking the customers you already have. According to a study by GetResponse, there's a 32% chance your first-time customers will buy from you again. But that's not all, Second time customers are 53% more likely to place a third order, and by the time they've placed their tenth order, they're 83% more likely to buy again. But this doesn't happy automatically. You need to keep your customers engaged and encourage them to make the second purchase and the third, the forth, the fifth... So how do you do that? Today, I will guide 8 post-seals E-mails to create customers for a lifetime.

1. Thank You E-mails
Saying thank you never goes wrong. It's a good way to build a good relationship with customers. Creating a thank you email is necessary extremely. The thank you E-mail isn't just say thank you, it also a confirmed information after receiving the order, and it’s better to include some individual design and words. Sending a thank you email after customers place a order, you can gain the goodwill of your customers.

2. Order Update E-mails
When customers place their order, one of the most expected part is when will the package turn up at the door, so you are supposed to send an Email to inform customers shipping date and tracking number. Maybe this can't take effect to the second order, but it impressed customers. When customers get the E-mail saying their orders on the way, they will happy with their order.

3. After-sales E-mails
It seems like some people never contact customers after ship out customer's orders, don't care if the customers have got their orders, or if they satisfied with the virgin hair they received. I think it's not a good shopping experience for customers. Send a concerned E-mail to customers to make sure they have got their package, and have them contact you if there is any question when wearing their hair bundles or wigs, customers will regard you as a responsible seals person.
If available you can also include a "how to" information, like our hair business, if you send an Email about how to take care of your hair, that would be very helpful. Of course, you can also add a hair care tag when packaging the hair, so your customers will remember you.

4. Reminder E-mails
As we all know now is information society, customers can get purchase information anywhere, so if you don't contact customers for a long time, they will very easy to forget you. Send a reminder E-mails to customers that you always in the service, tell them you have a new product is in the trending, they won’t remove you from their hair vendors list.

5. Survey E-mails
Customers reviews also have great influence on our business, some new customers will ask customer reviews about our hair, so get good feedback also help ourselves. So don't forget to send an Email to ask if customers satisfied with the product they received. Even though there maybe have bad feedback, it also give you opportunity to change your service and improve your quality.

6. Customer Information E-mails
We can get more information about our customers when we communicate with them, there are some themes we can send E-mails to our customers to know them more. What is the most important thing you will think about when purchasing hair. Which way are you used to purchase hair. What activities you enjoy. So by sending information Emails, we can analyze customer's behavior easily and guide them order from us again.

7. Surprise E-mails
Do you have customers that promote your hair for free? They post pictures or videos about the high quality and beautiful looking on social medias like Instagram. I'm so happy when my customers do this, so it’s time to send an Email to thank your customer's and give some gift or coupon code for their next order.

And when we have discounts or other activities, we can also inform customers, then can attract customers to view us again. Besides, saying happy birthday and festival greetings also necessary.

8. User- generated Content E-mails
For the hair business, winning loyal fans is very helpful, especially for the ones who have their own brand. But once customers become your fans, they can share their purchasing experience to others, send E-mails about your website link to your customers, then they share to others with their purchasing experience to others, it will be more reliable.
While these E-mails don’t have a call-to-action, they still give us great value. It reminds customers of their progress, and the results that our product gives them, and as long as people are seeing great results, they're unlikely to churn.

This tactic doesn't just apply to hair business, it's just as useful for E-commerce. If you make your customers feel something, they're yours for life. JC Hair Factory is one of the leading wholesale hair vendors in China since 2002. We offer best wholesale virgin hair to our clients at competitive factory prices, as well as dropship hair, photography service to help our clients to build their hair business. If you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome clients all around the world!

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