What Is Single Donor Hair?

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The Importance Of Single Donor Hair

As one of the best factory based wholesale hair vendors in China for more than 20 years, we have been asked many questions by our clients all around of the world, like what is virgin hair, lace closures, frontals, wigs, hair texture, etc. One of the questions people ask the most is that "does your hair from single donor?" or "how many donors there for each bundle of your hair?". Now we are going to take a closer look at the implications of a single hair donation and whether it really matters.

Does a single donor's hair really matters for your next hair texture or purchase?

Human hair is known to be donated or sold by women from all over the world, for example Brazil, Peru, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia and many other places. After the donor's hair get cut, it will be tied into bunches with rubber bands to keep the cuticles in the same direction (Remy Hair), thereby tangles and knots can be reduced to some extent.

Continuously for a long time, large amount of hair is collected from plenty of donors and then sent away to the hair factories for binding (removing short hair) and wefting. If factory workers weft or knit the hair from a single individual's hair accurately, it will be called a single donor hair. And the whole process explains all the hair in a single bundle is collected and braided from the same person.

What is the difference between single donor hair and raw donor hair?

Single donor hair is a bundle of hair cut from only one donor. With the demand of raw hair it's become increasing difficult for larger hair business companies to provide a full bundle of single donor hair consistently. So, raw hair can also mean multiple donors as long as the hair is not processed in any chemical way.

Does Single Donor Hair Really Matters?

The single donor hair is necessary when matching with natural hair with specific textures and colors. What happens often is the situation that dealing with Indian or Russian virgin hair, because its natural hair color is usually lighter than general black hair. Raw Indian hair bundles have great difference in curls and colors, which can explains better why one single donor hair is needed sometimes, because you can not find the same hair patterns from 2 different women that donates their hair to temples. Based on this situation, having single donor hair becomes even more important. We have to admit that installing Indian hair bundles or making into a hair wig will bring you more natural looks, so we strongly recommend this to the single donor hair lovers.

When Single Donor Hair is Not Important!

Because of high quality, single donor hair has more possibility to make various hair patterns. The regular hair extensions we see in the market get curled, colored or styles by high temperature rolled up with steel pipes inside the oven, these hair from many donors instead of one. Have you every thought about why there are so much hair looking the same when purchasing? It does not mean these donors all have similar hair patterns or colors, but rather the manufacturers make it happen. By following the markets supply and need, most hair is not necessary from only single donation. Besides, if people purchase natural black color hair products, as long as the color is correct, they wont care about if it is donated from individual person. In a result, this so-called single donor hair is just a kind of marketing strategy which attracts more money from consumers. We have to figure it out by ourselves!

Should You Sell Single Donor Hair Extensions?

As one of the best factory based virgin hair vendors in China, JC Hair Factory has experience in manufacturing hair for over 20 years, we are familiar with all sources of original human hair, and good at distinguishing the features of different hair types. We would like to meet different requirements from our customers through our advantages, as long as our customers can pay for that.

But if you are a reseller or hair business owner, It is more important to consider the average consumption level of the public market and the acceptance ability of local customers. JC Hair Factory always supply top quality virgin hair to our clients at most competitive factory prices. Well come to JC Hair Factory!

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