Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Business
27 Dec

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Business

Posted By: Julie Morris

Twenty Hair Business Related Questions Answered

2019 is right around the corner. I know a lot of you are busy trying to plan your hair business. It has never been an easy thing to start a hair business. No one will teach you how to get your hair business off the ground and running a hair business step by step.

You have thousands of questions about the hair business and get no answers especially when you are still in the beginning processes. Here comes the good news. I partner with JC Hair Factory, one of the most professional wholesale hair suppliers, to answer the top 10 frequently asked questions from business entry to financial, from products to advertisement.

Just follow me to check out if you can find your answers here.

Thoughts About Starting A Hair Business

1. Is Selling Hair Worth It?

Although this question is subjective and the answer varies among different people, it still makes sense.

Thinking about why you want to start selling hair extensions. Is it because of your love for hair extensions or you just want to make money in this million industry? No matter what reasons are, I can tell you the answer is YES.

The hair extensions market is huge and it will never go out of business since every woman need it and buy it. Besides, it can bring you not only wealth but also spiritual satisfaction. Supposed that every hair order is about 200 dollars, this means as long as you have 1.3 orders every day, you can make 6 figures selling hair extensions in a year.  

2. How Can I Get Start Selling Hair?

Staring selling hair extensions a daunting task, but it doesnt mean it is impossible.

You want to have a clear business plan. You need a trustworthy hair supplier. You want to know who is your target market, your potential customers, and what they are going to buy from you. If you have an online hair store, you want to figure out where does your traffic come from. All of these determine whether you can succeed in the hair business.

3. What Do I Need To Get Started?

There are two key things you should take into your consideration when you want to get started in selling hair extensions.

1. Hair supplier

I think I dont have to address the importance of a reliable and long-term hair supplier. It can offer you the high-quality human hair bundles, lace closure, lace frontal, and human hair wigs at the competitive factory price.  

2. Money

Staring your own hairline can be costly especially when it comes to stocking inventory. Although with dropship hair program, you can start hair business without money. It is still better to spend 200 hundred to get your logo and your custom packaging, which is rewarding.

4. Is Running A Hair Business For Me?

In order to save your time and reduce the possibility of disappointment, you want to ask yourself if you are ready to become a business owner before you start selling hair.

1. Have you been financially and mentally ready to become a boss?

Are you willing to spend most of your time, your energy, your patience, and your money on your hair business? If you say NO, please think twice the reasons why you want to start a hair business.

I know there are a lot of people are hopping on the bandwagon. It seems that everyone is selling hair extensions everywhere, so do you. Never feel too good that people are going to buy your hair just because you sell hair. Youre be disappointed. No business in this world takes no hard work and sweat.

2. Do you have the ability to run a hair business?

Running a hair business requires a variety of skills, which mainly includes the skills to deal with your hair suppliers and customers.

For hair suppliers: how to negotiate with them to get yourselves the most competitive wholesale prices, how to ensure that they will send you high-quality hair, how to minimize your losses when getting scam.

For customers: how to let your potential customers trust you and order from you, how to talk to your angry customer, how to maintain a long-term customer, how to deal with the shipping.

Of course, it is best if you have been already an expert at how to solve these problems. But dont be upset if you have no answer and no experience for these problems. As long as you have a passion for the hair industry, you can learn it and grow.

5. Whats The Hardest Thing About Start A Hair Business?

To be honest, for me, the hardest thing is how to get my first sale, which took me almost 6 months. I cried and wrote a thank you to my first customer.

Yes, it is difficult to get the first order because nobody heard of your brand at all and nobody wants to buy your hair. I am not talking about selling hair to your sister, your cousins, your friends since you can not always rely on them. I mean strangers.

However, I never gave up. I kept posting on Instagram, Facebook, updating videos on Youtube. Finally, here comes the orders. Thinking about all the repeated customers I have now, all the hard work is worth it.

Financial and Shipping

6. How Much Does It Cost To Start My Hair Business?

How much you should invest in a hair business depends on your business plan and how you are going to set up your business.

There are mainly two ways to get your business started: wholesale hair and dropship hair. For wholesale virgin hair, you need to set aside at least 2,000 dollars to buy hair bundles so that you can have the hottest selling items on hand, which will guarantee the fast speed of delivery.

For dropship hair, theoretically, it costs you zero because you dont have to keep the inventory at all. The only thing you need to do is finding a trustworthy hair company to fulfill your orders. It is a good idea for a new hand to test the market without investing too much in the beginner process.  

If you are confused and not sure what to start with, go in depth in the difference between wholesale hair and dropship hair

7. How To Find Hair Vendors?

There are a lot of ways to find hair vendors. Aliexpress, Google, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Of course, it is best to touch and feel the hair yourself if you can visit hair company or hair factory. However, in 98% of the case, you can only communicate with hair supplier online. All of the hair vendors will tell you they have high-quality hair. The most important thing and the only way to exam a hair vendor is sampling their hair before buying wholesale. Dont be mean with sample fee. This will help you filter out a lot of company with bad hair.

8. Will I Need Inventory and Employees?

I dont recommend that people who are just starting their hair business stock large inventory and hire employees. You have to know that it will tie up a massive chunk of your capital and take most of your time away. Initially, you should focus on getting more customers. Of course, if your business keeps on getting better over time, you can take inventory and employee into consideration.

Dropship hair program is an excellent way to get started by handing over inventory to your supplier.


9. Do I Need A Website?

Hair website are an online presence to your customers. It plays a critical role in the success of your hair business.

Yes, I know there are people taking their hair orders on Instagram and Facebook. You can build your business on social media platform, but without a website, it means you have to constantly answer the same question for more than 1 thousand times, send bills and tracking information to customers etc. A website can free you from these boring, repetitive tasks.

10. How to Handle Shipping and Tracking for Orders?

The best way to handle shipping is to send the orders, which is placed from yesterday afternoon to this morning to the post office. In the meanwhile, you should make sure the shipping service you use can give you tracking numbers like US Post Office or UPS. Registering an account with them can get you a cheaper price.

Dont forget to update order status to your customers as soon as possible. 

The rest 10 questions are to be continued. Please stay tuned!

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