What's The Difference Between Closure, Frontal And 360 Frontals
24 Mar

What's The Difference Between Closure, Frontal And 360 Frontals

Posted By: Kate Rodrigues

What’s the Difference?

More and more women lately showed on Instagram and YouTube wear extensions like sew-ins with long thick and natural look.

You might confuse about the extensions like lace closure, lace frontals, 360 frontals, let’s keep reading to find out the difference.

Closure & Frontal Base Materials

Before starting, let’s talk about the closure and frontal base first.

There are two bases, silk and lace.

Silk closures are made with a silk base. Each individual hair strands are embedded into the silk base. The next layer is a thick lace to provide more style choices. Silk base imitate a natural scalp very well and the knots are invisible so it doesn’t need to bleach them.

Lace closures are made of lace base. Hair strands tied and knotted on the lace. Lace closures are preferred for most women because they are flexible for all kinds of hair styles whatever with its natural statement in natural or chemical treatment. The knots on lace closures require bleaching to make them invisible so that your natural scalp can emerge from the lace base to match your skin tone.

A lace base lay much flatter to the scalp compared to a silk base. Silk bases have a very natural look especially when looking up closely, but it’s tend to bulk up to cause unnatural look.

Some frontals have a combination of both lace and silk bases, with silk in the middle and lace on the sides.

Which base you should choose actually all depend on your personal preference, the cost and service life.

What is a Closure?

Now we should have the idea of a closure, it’s a part of lace or silk base, embed with hair.

Most closure bases are 4in in length and 4in in width, it’s large enough for your sew-in, or wig as a middle or a side part. But it’s not large enough for the entire head installment.

Compared to a frontal or 360 frontal, lace closure is less hair in it. Thus, the cost and maintenance are less too compared to a frontal or 360 frontal.

The lace closure can be made very natural as well if the hairstylist is skilled no matter the length and texture.

What’s a Frontal?

A lace frontal is very similar to a lace closure.

The most significant difference is the width of a lace frontal is from temple to temple, covering your entire hairline, and the top of your head. It’s much bigger and having more hair than a lace closure. A lace frontal is much easier for styling because of the sizesuch as a half-up half-down ponytail, braids are easy achieved nicely.

Lace frontal is really a good choice for those have traction alopecia or those want to protect/lower their hairline. The hairstylist will use a safe hair adhesive in front of a customer’s hairline which will not pull out any of your natural hair. Then they will apple the frontal to the adhesive to cover and protect the hairline.

Another benefit of frontal is for those that want to restyle or colors different from their natural hair, the lace frontal will protect your natural hair underneath to avoid dyeing or heating treatment.

What’s A 360 Frontal?

The 360 frontal can cover all your hairline, from temple to temple, top to bottom.

All your head hair can be invisible covering by 360 frontal which makes incredible style options.

Closure, Frontal or 360 Frontal – Which is the Best for Me?

It’s hard to say which one is the best while a lace closure, frontal and 360 frontal all have their advantage and disadvantage, no one is better than other.

How to choose is all depends on your desired hairstyle, your dressing style and your patience.


It’s a good start option to choose a sew-in closure for those that has never worn a lace closure before, or someone would like to wear the same hairstyle every day. Since the lace closure is simple and economical, it’s a preferred choice as a everyday style for work, school and causal life. It can keep you beautiful while protect your natural hair.


A frontal is similar to a lace closure except its size and amount of hair. Therefore, there are more styles could be achieved with frontal, either new colors or textures with no damage on your natural hair. Frontal would also need weekly maintenance to keep its versatility.

360 Frontal

I believe no one wouldn’t love a 360 frontal for its various possibility of changing your hairstyle and your life. It requires more maintenance with patience and you can do this since you love it.

Now you have some idea of a lace closure, frontal and 360 frontal, you surely can chose the best option according to your hairstyle and daily routine. You could also consult with your stylist if you are still hesitated.

Hair Growth Benefits

One of my friends was worried about her forehead hairline so much before I recommending the frontal to her. Now a year after and last week she showed me her hairline, which not only hasn’t been damaged any more but also has some new hair growth. She was so excited about this. The frontal protected her hairline! She also shared her experience that braiding the hair with moisturizer and coconut oil before applying her frontal.

Have a Try!

It’s seems complicated for someone those never tried any hair extensions or human hair wigs before. But after research and some actual practice, you might be a skilled stylist and rock any style you want. Don’t be hesitate to have a try.

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